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Proxy Use Cases

BART PROXIES is the #1 Proxy Provider on the web. We have established ourselves as the best solution for all proxy related needs. We provide the highest quality IP allocations, the fastest speeds, the most affordable prices and top tier customer service. We have built a solid reputation with our high tier product offerings, and offer proxies that work for all verticals/niches. Our customers have the highest success rate across all websites using our 100% dedicated and provided IPs.

What are Bart Proxies Used For?

We offer proxies for ALL needs. Our proxies work for Sneakers, Advertising, social media, Account Creation, Streaming, Gaming, Tickets, NFTs + more! Our proxies can be used for all use cases. We are dedicated to providing the greatest product possible. This means completely pristine clean IPs, the fastest latency speeds, and complete anonymity. We support HTTP/HTTPs protocols


Our ISP and Residential Proxies are the highest tier proxies you can get for the use on sneaker websites. Since 2017 we have been giving our customers an advantage against all other users when it comes to copping sneakers. Our highly dedicated and completely pristine clean Ips give our customers the edge on copping sneakers, the fastest speeds, and the best Ips ideal for all sneaker websites.


Our SPRINT/AT&T ISP Proxies are the perfect option for ticket master, and AXS. Do you like to make profit from purchasing/reselling tickets? Purchase as many tickets as you wish using our SPRINT/AT&T ISP Proxies. Show up as a real residential user to ticket websites, and cop multiple tickets with ease. Not to mention our super-fast speeds will give you the edge in copping high stake releases.


Need proxies for Amazon, Walmart, Target, Bestbuy, Apple Store, or any retail website? Our ISP proxies (static residential) dominate on these websites. We have countless users who have been checking out hundreds of items using our proxies, even on the most limited releases.


Do you bot NFT releases, such as VEVE app? Bart Proxies is the go to source for proxies for people in this niche. Our proxies work great on VEVE and other NFT release methods.

Account Creation

Create unlimited accounts on any website using our proxies. Our ISP proxies (static residential) are the perfect choice due to their unlimited bandwidth, and low ban rate.


Do you need proxies for gaming purposes, such as farming on OSRS? (Old School Rune Scape). Our ISP proxies work great for this purpose, we have many users that are implementing our proxies for this purpose.


Need proxies to make revenue through streams on websites such as TWITCH and SPOTIFY? We have the best proxies for this use case. Purchase one of our ISP (static residential plans) for this purpose. The unlimited bandwidth on these plans is an added plus.


Our proxies also work for Classified Ads such as Kijiji, Craigslist, Ebay etc. They also work on Google Ads, Bing Ads, and more. Basically all advertising purposes (: